Power Up on Electric Drive

Re-Charge with Renewable Power in Austin's Downtown EcoDistrict

Electric Drive — a portion of West 2nd Street, between Walter Seaholm Drive and Sandra Muraida Way — is Austin Energy's showcase for electric transportation in Austin’s new Seaholm EcoDistrict.

Electric Drive is a mobility hub that features bike sharing, car sharing, access the hike-and-bike trail, and charging options for two- and four wheel electric vehicles (EVs). Electric Drive aligns with Austin's Smart Mobility roadmap.It provides the community with faster, better, cheaper transportation options that help cut vehicle emissions.

Charge Your EV with GreenChoice Texas Wind Energy

This innovative transportation hub features two charging options for customers to use while they explore and enjoy other EcoDistrict shops and recreation:

All public EV charging in Austin is powered by 100% renewable Texas wind through Austin Energy's GreenChoice® program.

Charge Your E-Bikes and Handhelds with Locally-Generated Solar Energy

In addition to EV charging stations, a solar-powered kiosk is also available for charging electric bikes, scooters, motorcycles, mopeds, and handheld devices.

The Electric Drive solar charging kiosk is an innovative combination of solar technology, transportation infrastructure, and public space. Now visitors to the EcoDistrict can gather in the shade while recharging their mobile electronics or electric two-wheel vehicles with the sun.

The kiosk features outdoor seating and tables made from reclaimed wood, two bike racks, and a repurposed vintage gas pump that holds battery storage and shows solar production and CO₂ reduction. The kiosk is also ADA accessible. 

Austin Energy's Plug-In Everywhere℠ Network

Electric Drive is a key component of Austin Energy's Plug-In EVerywhere network and demonstrates Austin as a Smart City leader in electric transportation. Plug-In EVerywhere allows EV drivers to charge at 1000+ charging ports throughout Austin for only $4.17 a month.

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Date last reviewed or modified: 09/29/2020