Report Outages

Report and Check Outage Status Online

Austin Energy strives every day to supply affordable, reliable power to our customers. But power outages do occasionally happen. If you experience an outage, it’s easy to notify Austin Energy online, by text message, or by phone. We’ll restore power as quickly as possible.

What to Do When the Power Goes Out

Before you report an outage:

  1. Check to see if your neighbors still have power. 
  2. Check the Austin Energy Outage Map to see if an outage has been reported. Click the search icon and type your address in the search field to locate your neighborhood.
  3. Check your breakers if you can do so safely. The outage may be due to a blown fuse or a tripped circuit, which only affects your location.
  • If you have checked your breakers and are still without power, report the outage online.
  • If you have not or cannot check your breakers, call 512-322-9100 to report your outage.

Three Ways to Report Outages and Get Status Updates

  1. Online — Report an outage online and check the Outage Map for status updates.
  2. By text message — Text OUT to 287846 to register. Austin Energy will text you back with status updates.

    If you are not already registered for text alerts, the system may prompt you for your account number or the phone number associated with your account. Learn more about registering for Outage Alerts
  3. By phone — Call 512-322-9100.

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Date last reviewed or modified: 06/30/2022