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Rebate Available for Level 2 Fast Charging

While you can plug an electric vehicle (EV) into a regular 120 volt outlet, a Level 2 (240V) charging station gives you a faster charge.

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Charge Faster with a Level 2 Charging Station

Plugging in at home is quick and convenient. With a Level 2 charging station installed at your home, you can forget filling up at gas stations and start your day with a fully charged vehicle. 

Added Benefits of Home Charging

  • 80% of EV drivers prefer the convenience of home charging.
  • Level 2 charging is three to seven times faster than charging on a regular wall outlet.

Rebate Available

Austin Energy offers EV owners a rebate of 50% of the purchase and installation cost of a Level 2 charging station. 

The maximum rebate amount is: 

  • $1,200 for OCPP (Open Charge Point Protocol) compliant stations
  • $900 for non-OCPP (Open Charge Point Protocol) compliant stations

Home Charging Station Rebate

Austin Energy offers EV owners a rebate of 50% of the purchase and installation cost of an approved Level 2 (240V) charging station.

The maximum rebate amount is $1,200 for OCPP (Open Charge Point Protocol) compliant stations and $900 for non-OCPP (Open Charge Point Protocol) compliant stations. The Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) is a communication standard for EV charging stations that allows charge management programs.

See list of OCPP compliant stations as of February 2024 (pdf)

If a charging station is OCPP compliant but not listed, please email Plug-In Austin to have the station added to the OCPP compliant list. Also, you can check Specification sheet found on the station product page. If you are able to confirm OCPP compliance on the station product page, please still email us to alert and you can apply for rebate without waiting for it to appear on our list.


  • You must receive electricity from Austin Energy.
  • You must have purchased or leased a plug-in electric vehicle.

Equipment Installation Requirements

  • Austin Energy requires a City of Austin electrical permit and inspection for the installation of all hard-wired charging stations and receptacles for plug-in stations.
  • A licensed electrician must perform installations of hard-wired charging stations and receptacles.
  • Charging station must be new.
  • Plug-in and hard-wired charging stations must be UL, ETL, or cETL listed and receptacles for plug-in stations must be UL, ETL, or cETL listed.


  • Austin Energy may, at any time during your commitment period, replace your charging station with an Austin Energy-owned charging station located in your home and on your side of the meter.
  • Austin Energy may install and operate Austin Energy owned data monitoring or charge management devices in your home and on your side of the meter.
  • You agree to participate in Austin Energy surveys, interview, and/or future charge management programs. Austin Energy may use the participant’s charging station communication signals to perform charge and load control functions, including cycling charging.


  • One rebate per electric vehicle lease or purchase. 

Find an Electrician

You must use a licensed electrician to qualify for this offering. As with any service for your home, we recommend that you check references and get at least three different estimates from the licensed electrician of your choice. 

Apply for Your Rebate Online

The Austin Energy account holder must submit the application. Please make sure you have everything you need before starting. The following information is required for your online rebate application:

  • Active Austin Energy electric customer account number
  • Electrician license number and expiration date
  • Charging station manufacturer/ model
  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
  • Vehicle dealership
  • Proof of electric vehicle lease or purchase.
    • This must be the vehicle registration, title, lease, or final purchasing agreement.
    • For a Tesla, you must have it in your possession for eligibility.
    • If submitting a Tesla final purchasing agreement, be sure it's stamped as "paid in full" or showing a $0 balance.
    • Copy of fully paid invoices
Apply for a Rebate Online

You can apply for your rebate online after your home charging installation is complete.

Are You Waiting For a Rebate?

Use the confirmation (enrollment) and utility account numbers to check the status of your rebate application.

Tips for Applying Online

  • If you choose to submit the online rebate application, you will need to have all required information on hand before you start.
  • You will need to complete and submit the application in a single session. You cannot save your information and start again later. Active sessions time out after one hour of inactivity.
  • You will need to scan or photograph documents and upload into the application system. The system will accept any of the following file formats: 
    • Adobe Acrobat PDF (.pdf)
    • Microsoft Word Document (.doc or .docx)
    • JPEG (.jpg)
    • ZIP (.zip)
  • Check your rebate status online using the confirmation (enrollment) number you receive after the application submission. You will also need your City of Austin utility account number. 

Call us at 512-494-9400 or email pluginaustin@austinenergy.com if you have questions about your rebate status or need help with your rebate application.

Find an Electrician

You must use a licensed electrician to qualify for this offering. As with any service for your home, we recommend that you check references and get at least three different estimates. 

The Charging Station Installers listed below includes companies that have identified themselves as having residential and/or commercial electric vehicle charging station installation experience. If you have experience installing charging stations, are a licensed electrician, and would like your company on this list, please email Plug-In Austin.

Charging Station Installers must comply with all program requirements and conduct business in an honest, professional, and ethical manner. All qualified Charging Station Installers must abide by the Austin Energy Code of Conduct and Ethical Requirements (pdf).


The selection of a participating contractor to perform work is the sole decision of the property owner and/or authorized lessee/occupant. Inclusion in this directory does not represent an endorsement by Austin Energy of any product, individual, or company. No work is guaranteed or warranty expressed or implied, and Austin Energy makes no guarantees as to the quality, cost, or effectiveness of the products provided and work performed by the contractor, employees, or subcontractors.

Stay Plugged In


Funding is limited and available only to Austin Energy customers on a first-come, first-served basis. Offerings are subject to change without notice.
Rebates are not guaranteed until after Austin Energy's review and approval of the rebate application. Program guidelines include additional requirements and limitations for receiving the above rebate. Contact us for more details.

Date last reviewed or modified: 04/10/2024