Key Code Reporting Option

Report Your Building's Energy Use and Compare It Locally

In March of each year, commercial building owners receive letters from Austin Energy explaining how to comply with the City of Austin’s Energy Conservation Audit and Disclosure (ECAD) ordinance.
Austin Energy calculates the energy use data for the buildings. Building owners confirm that the property information on file is accurate. Using aggregated electric usage data, this option benchmarks your building’s energy use rating against others in the Austin Energy service area.

The letter includes:

  • Property information for your building(s)
  • Energy use data for your building(s), calculated based on size and property type
  • A unique Building Owner Key Code and instructions for entering this Key Code online to confirm your property information

Commercial Building Owners Must Report by June 1st of Each Year

Do you have your Key Code ready? Complete the online form to comply with the City’s ECAD ordinance

Alternate Reporting Option

Building owners may prefer to use the Environmental Protection Agency's ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager to benchmark their properties. Energy data entered into this secure online tool can be used for commercial ECAD compliance. Portfolio Manager can also help you:

  • Track and assess energy and water use across one or several buildings
  • Measure your carbon footprint
  • Compare to other commercial buildings nationwide
  • Get an energy rating performance score
  • Promote your ENERGY STAR certified building

Learn more about using Portfolio Manager to comply with the ECAD ordinance

Contact Us

If you have not received information regarding the ECAD ordinance reporting process for commercial building owners, please call 512-482-5346 or email us for assistance.

Date last reviewed or modified: 04/04/2024