• What is Austin Energy’s Power Partner EV program?

    As a Power Partner participant, you help our community manage energy use on days when the need is highest. During these peak times, Austin Energy will make minor, remote adjustments to your Level 2 EV charger or qualifying vehicle to slow or delay charging only.

    With Power Partner EV, you can get a $50 bill credit for enrolling your qualifying Level 2 charger or qualifying vehicle. You can also get a $25 bill credit after one year of remaining in the program.

    Power Partner events typically occur June 1 - September 30. Events last up to 4 hours between 2-7 p.m. A maximum of 15 Power Partner events will occur per month (primarily during the summer season). During extreme weather circumstances, Austin Energy may conduct events outside of these windows. Participants may easily opt out of events without penalty through their EV charging app.

  • Will my battery state of charge be reduced during or after a Power Partner event?
    No. Your battery’s charging will be paused or slowed until the event is over. You can override an event and resume normal charging at any time.
  • Which EV chargers qualify for the Power Partner EV program?
    See the chart below for eligible charging equipment. Your charger must be installed and activated with internet connectivity prior to enrollment. Your Wi-Fi connection and EV charger(s) must be connected to your EV charger manufacturer’s account.

    Model Name Model Number Type
    ChargePoint CPH25-L25-P, CPH25-L25, CPH25-L18-P, CPH25-L18 Plug In or Hardwired
    ChargePoint CPH50-NEMA6-50-L23 Plug In or Hardwired
    ChargePoint CPH50-NEMA 14-50-L23 Plug In or Hardwired
    Emporia EMEVSE1 Plug In or Hardwired
    Enel X JuiceBox 48, JuiceBox 40, JuiceBox 32 Plug In or Hardwired
    EvoCharge 40A, 32A Plug In or Hardwired
  • Where can I learn more about eligible chargers?
    For more information about the charging equipment list above, please visit the manufacturers’ websites. Customers must have one of the chargers listed above to be eligible for Power Partner EV. Additional makes and models may be added later. Austin Energy offers a rebate when you buy an eligible EV charger, in addition to the Power Partner EV offering.
  • Which EVs qualify for the Power Partner EV program without needing a smart charger?

    See the chart below for qualifying vehicles. The EVs listed below are telematics-enabled, which means they can connect directly to Austin Energy without needing a smart charger.

    Vehicle Make Vehicle Model
    Tesla 3, S, X, Y
  • I have both a qualifying EVSE and a qualifying EV. Which one should I enroll in Power Partner EV?
    Please enroll your qualifying EV only.
  • If I own a Tesla vehicle, do I need to buy a specific charger to participate in the program?
    No, Tesla owners can enroll without a charger. Teslas are controlled for Power Partner events via the onboard computer or telematics within the Tesla.
  • Upon submitting my application, when will I be notified of my status in the program?
    Austin Energy will provide email confirmation of your status in the program, typically within four weeks of applying.
  • How will I receive my program incentive?
    The $50 enrollment incentive will be issued in the form of an Austin Energy electric bill credit within 1-2 billing cycles after acceptance. You will receive an additional $25 credit after one year of remaining in the program.
  • Where can I find the terms and conditions for this program?

    Provider Terms and Conditions

  • Can I plug in my vehicle whenever I want?
    Yes. When an event is called, your vehicle can remain plugged in. You can also plug in your vehicle at any time when an event is called.
  • How will I know that a Power Partner event is in progress?
    Depending on your EV charger manufacturer or vehicle manufacturer, notifications may appear before or at the start of the event in your web or mobile application.
  • How will my EV charger or EV be adjusted?
    At the start of an event, your charger will be automatically adjusted to delay vehicle charging. The adjustment will typically last no more than four hours and will not occur on holidays. Once the event is over, your charger will return to its normal operation. You can opt out of an event at any time from your charger manufacturer’s mobile app without penalty.
  • Will participating in the program prevent my vehicle from receiving a full charge?
    Energy adjustment events will either slow or temporarily delay the vehicle charging for up to four hours. Your car can get a full charge later in the evening after the energy adjustment event is over.
  • Am I allowed to opt out of Power Partner events?
    Yes. At any time during an event, you can opt out from your charger manufacturer’s web or mobile app. You will not be penalized for opting out of an event.
  • Will I be notified of events?

    Manufacturers may or may not provide notifications prior to an adjustment. Austin Energy does not control event notifications, which are set by the manufacturer. For more information on notifications, please visit the manufacturer’s website.

  • Who can I contact if I have additional questions about the Power Partner EV program?
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Date last reviewed or modified: 05/31/2024