Distributed Cooling, Heating, and Power (CHP)

Electric Power Generation At or Near Your Business

What Is Distributed CHP?

With distributed CHP, the latest, technologies such as package chiller units, heat recovery units, and combustion turbines are used at or on a site close to your business.

These units generate electricity at your site while using the Austin Energy power grid as back up.

Services Provided by Austin Energy's District Energy & Cooling Resources

  1. Conduct an initial site assessment and high-level technology screening to determine your needs.
  2. Assist with second level, more in depth feasibility study.
  3. Install, operate, and maintain the latest versions of CHP equipment and interconnecting switchgear to equip your building for distributed generation.

This service may be a cost-effective enhancement to your electrical service provided by Austin Energy.

Benefits of Distributed Cooling, Heating, and Power (CHP) Systems

Increased Productivity for Your Facility

  • Minimize disruptions and downtime inherent in large electrical distribution system
  • Displace the need for diesel back-up generators
  • Enhance reliability by having two sources for power — the distributed generation in island mode and the Austin Energy grid
  • Ready and low-cost source for heating or sterilization at your facility by capturing hot exhaust gases from the distributed generation equipment
  • Meet cooling needs through thermal energy storage

Friendly to the Environment

  • Distributed generation systems are inherently clean and support better air quality in Austin

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Date last reviewed or modified: 04/17/2020