Plug-In Austin Electric Vehicles

Rebates, Resources, and Fun for EV Drivers and Riders

The electric vehicle EVolution is here! Electric vehicles are fun to ride and drive and can save you money while helping the environment. Now is the time to say goodbye to gas and save with Austin Energy.

EVs Are Easy To...

  • Use — Plug into a regular outlet at home. Get a rebate for a faster home charger. Use a public charging station for a charge on-the-go.
  • Maintain — Enjoy more time and money in your pocket. EVs need less maintenance and have fewer moving parts.
  • Fuel — There are more options than ever for charging your EV. Austin Energy charging ports are powered by renewable Texas wind energy
  • Drive — Get the high performance you want in a car, when you choose to lease, buy, or get a used EV.
  • Ride — Consider multiple electric transportation options, with buses, bikes, scooters, motorcycles, rideshare, and more. Check out the Electric Ride Rebate.     
  • Find — Access Austin Energy's EV Buyer's Guide to explore a comprehensive resource for EV research, lease, or ownership.
  • Conserve — Drive a zero-emission EV to help the environment and keep the air cleaner for EVeryone.

Level 2 Charging Ports

Charge your EV at any of the 1,000+ local Austin Energy level 2 charging ports in the Plug-In EVerywhere public charging network. Level 2 Charging Stations charge $0.09 per kWh, which comes out to “about” a penny per minute (previously it was a $25 six-month subscription).

Fast Charging Ports

Austin Energy fast chargers are now available and conveniently located near major transit routes. Charge up and get on your way for only $0.21 per minute, plug-in to plug-out.

View maps of Austin Energy's network of EV charging stations

EV T-Rex Says Time for EVolution
Explore the EV Buyer's Guide. Say goodbye to gas vehicles, forEVer.