ECAD for Multifamily Properties


  • What is a multifamily property?

    The Energy Conservation Audit and Disclosure (ECAD) ordinance defines a multifamily property as a property with five or more units.

  • Does my condominium have to comply with this ordinance?

    Yes. Condominiums and town homes must have an energy audit under the ECAD ordinance. Only owners of five or more condominium units at one site must have an ECAD multifamily energy audit and follow those disclosure guidelines.

  • Do I need an energy audit for the condos I own that are rented but not for sale?

    If you own five or more at one property, you must get an energy audit for your property. If you own four or less, you follow ECAD for Residential Homes rules.

  • When does Austin Energy plan to complete gathering data on per-square-foot energy use in multifamily properties?

    ECAD Energy Guides are set annually with new average per-square-foot-area energy use for multifamily properties. They are available the first quarter of each year to properties with ECAD energy audits on file.

  • How do I make the per-square-foot energy use of my multifamily property available to the public?

    The ECAD ordinance requires that multifamily properties post ECAD audit results at the property and provide them to current and prospective residents.

  • What qualifies an ECAD auditor to perform energy audits under the ECAD ordinance?

High Energy Use Multifamily Properties

  • What is a high energy use multifamily property?

    A multifamily property is considered high energy use if its per-square-foot energy use exceeds 150% of the average energy use of multifamily properties within the same category in the Austin Energy service area.

  • What do I need to do if the multifamily property I own is a high energy use property?

    Austin Energy will notify owners if their multifamily property is a high energy use property. Owners must then complete the energy efficiency retrofits needed to reduce the property's per-square-foot energy usage by 20%.

  • How much time do I have to make the necessary upgrades to my high energy use property to reduce the average per-square-foot energy usage by 20%?

    Owners have 18 months from the date of notification to make energy efficiency improvements, or they may request an extension within 90 days of receiving notice.

  • Are there recommended packages to achieve the 20% reduction?

    Each property has unique requirements but Austin Energy will work with the property owners on recommendations to achieve the 20% savings.

  • What are the most common cost-effective upgrades for a multifamily property?

    The most common cost-effective upgrades include air duct sealing, attic insulation, and solar screens or window film. Austin Energy has rebates for owners to improve the multifamily property’s energy efficiency.

  • Can ECAD energy professionals perform audits for both residential homes and multifamily properties?

    Yes. They are qualified to audit both, but may choose to specialize in only one property type.

ECAD for Residents

  • I rent and want to save money on my electric bill. How can I find apartments that are energy-efficient

    The City of Austin Data Portal can help you with your search for energy-efficient apartment properties in the Austin Energy service area. With the Data Portal, you can gain access to valuable energy audit results for Austin’s multifamily properties to help you make an informed decision about your next residence.

Energy Efficiency Improvements

  • What energy efficiency improvements might be needed under the ECAD ordinance?

    The ECAD ordinance does not require multifamily properties to make energy efficiency improvements. However, duct system and Austin Energy Rebates and Incentives or an equivalent Austin Energy program can exempt the property from the ECAD audit requirement if improvements are completed before the property turns 10 years old.

  • Does Austin Energy offer any rebates or assistance for making energy efficiency improvements?

    Austin Energy offers a variety of energy efficiency programs that include rebates for owners of residential, multifamily, and commercial buildings.

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Date last reviewed or modified: 01/12/2022