Multifamily Shared Solar

Installed Solar for Multi-Tenant Affordable Housing

Foundation Community Homestead Oaks

Austin Energy has developed an innovative metering and billing solution that reduces installation costs for solar projects on multi-tenant properties and creates solar bill credits for tenants.

How Shared Solar Works: One Solar PV System to Serve Multiple Units

In most solar installations, the solar energy system must be electrically connected to each meter so that customers can receive the solar power and the associated Value of Solar (VoS) credits on their bill. In individually sub-metered multifamily properties, solar can be complex and costly to install, meter, and wire.

Shared Solar alleviates the problems of cost and complexity by allowing customers to connect solar systems installed at multifamily properties to one physical meter and use a virtual meter to distribute the credits to the tenants.

Shared Solar Participation

To participate, please review the Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Multifamily Capacity-Based Incentive (CBI) Program Guidelines (pdf) requirements and indicate your interest when submitting your multifamily rebate program enrollment. For additional information, please call or email.

Date last reviewed or modified: 05/05/2022