Solar Photovoltaics (PV) Rebate & Incentives

Install Rooftop Solar on Multifamily Residences

Are you interested in installing a solar PV system on five or more residential units? Austin Energy offers Capacity-Based Incentives (CBI) for multifamily properties and new single family developments to help you with your purchase.

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Austin Energy’s multifamily solar incentive encourages property owners to provide their tenants with the benefits of on-site solar energy production.

The multifamily rebate program only serves residential meters. Master-metered complexes and commercially metered spaces within multifamily properties should apply for Austin Energy's Solar PV Incentives for your Business.

You must use an Austin Energy Participating Contractor to install your solar PV system – see the Find a Contractor tab for details.

Austin Energy provides a higher incentive level for solar installations at nonprofit multifamily properties. See the Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Multifamily Capacity-Based Incentive (CBI) Program Guidelines (pdf) for more details.

Austin Energy Capacity-Based Incentive (CBI)

Multifamily property owners who install solar to serve residential units are eligible for an upfront rebate. The current incentive level is:

  • 60 cents per watt for properties serving two or more units
  • $1.00 per watt for nonprofit properties   

Multifamily program incentives are capped at $2,500 per residential unit.

Austin Energy calculates the incentive payment by multiplying the number of PV modules by the Standard Test Condition (STC) rating per PV module (watts) and the current solar incentive level. The incentive payment is subject to limitations.

See the Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Multifamily Capacity-Based Incentive (CBI) Program Guidelines (pdf) for more detailed information about program requirements.

Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC)

You may qualify for a federal tax credit based on the cost of your solar PV system, including labor costs.

Learn more about solar tax credits and other energy efficiency improvements from ENERGY STAR®

Property Tax Exemption

Your solar PV system may qualify for a property tax exemption.

Learn more from the State Energy Conservation Office


  • This incentive is intended for multifamily properties with a sole property owner at the time of application.

  • Incentive applicants must have at least two Austin Energy residential electric utility accounts or own the property that has, or will have, at least two Austin Energy residential electric utility accounts at the street address where the PV systems will be installed.

  • Multifamily properties, where required, must be in compliance with the Multifamily ECAD ordinance.


  • See the Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Multifamily Capacity-Based Incentive (CBI) Program Guidelines (pdf)
  • You must apply for and receive a Letter of Intent (LOI) prior to system installation.
  • You must use an Austin Energy Participating Contractor to install your solar PV system – see the Find a Contractor tab.
  • To receive the nonprofit incentive rate, applicants:
    • Must submit 501 C3/C4 documentation
    • Can be eligible for or collect the Investment Tax Credit for the project


  • This program only serves residentially metered accounts. Customers served by commercial meters, such as master-metered complexes and multifamily common or office spaces, may apply through the Commercial Solar Rebate Program.
  • Leases of any kind and third-party solar Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) are not eligible.
  • The multifamily building cannot be registered with the City’s Repeat Offender Program.

How to Apply for an Incentive

  1. Review the Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Multifamily Capacity-Based Incentive (CBI) Program Guidelines (pdf).
  2. Contact an Austin Energy participating contractor to request bids. See the Find a Contractor tab to get started. Austin Energy recommends that you get at least three estimates from different companies and check references.
  3. The participating contractor that you select will submit an application to Austin Energy on your behalf. 
  4. Austin Energy will determine eligibility based on your application and issue a Letter of Intent (LOI) to you and the participating contractor. 

What Happens Next?

  1. The participating contractor will apply for necessary permits and install the solar PV system. 
  2. Austin Energy will conduct a final inspection of the installed system to ensure it meets electrical interconnection requirements and program guidelines. The participating contractor will request this inspection. 
  3. Once the system passes inspection, Austin Energy will release a solar PV meter and your contractor can energize your system. 
  4. Once the system is energized, you (or your contractor) will receive an incentive check in the mail and your tenants will see a solar bill credit on their monthly electric bill.

Only the participating solar contractors listed here are eligible to offer Austin Energy’s rebate and incentives to customers who install solar power at their home or business.

All participating contractors must abide by the Austin Energy Code of Conduct and Ethical Requirements (pdf) and the Austin Energy Solar Incentive Program Contractor Handbook (pdf) to remain on our participating contractors list.

You may still choose to use a solar company that is not listed here, but they cannot offer you a solar rebate or incentive from Austin Energy. Austin Energy recommends that all customers check references and get at least three quotes.


The selection of a participating contractor to perform work is the sole decision of the property owner and/or authorized lessee/occupant. Inclusion in this directory does not represent an endorsement by Austin Energy of any product, individual, or company. No work is guaranteed or warranty expressed or implied, and Austin Energy makes no guarantees as to the quality, cost, or effectiveness of the products provided and work performed by the contractor, employees, or subcontractors.

Funding is limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis. Offerings, program guidelines, and rebate levels are subject to change without prior notice. Rebate funds are encumbered (committed to be paid) during the fiscal year in which they are to be dispersed.

The Austin City Council must approve rebates of more than $72,000 per year. Austin Energy makes no financial commitment to applicants until a signed Letter of Intent (LOI) is issued.  

Austin Energy is not a manufacturer, supplier, or guarantor of the solar PV system or installers, and Austin Energy, whether by making available a list of registered installers (participating contractors) and equipment sources or otherwise, has not made and makes no representations or warranties of any nature, directly or indirectly, express or implied, as to performance of the installer or reliability, performance, durability, condition, or quality of the PV system selected and purchased.

Date last reviewed or modified: 05/05/2022