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Finding a Green Home is Easier Than You Might Think

Mueller neighborhood 5-star AEGB rated courtyard home. © Leonid Furmansky
Mueller neighborhood courtyard home. AEGB rating: ★★★★★ ©Leonid Furmansky

Are you looking for a new or renovated green home? Consider looking for an Austin Energy Green Building rated home — there are over 15,000 in the area. 

An AEGB-rated home has undergone a process of inspections and verifications to deliver a more efficient home than codes require. 

In addition to being beautiful and functional, rated homes are:

  • Efficient and conserve energy, water, and materials.
  • They are durable, and easy and economical to operate and maintain. They are also healthy and safe — for the benefit of inhabitants, workers, our community, and our planet. 

How to Find a Green Home 

  • Check the MLS — Rated homes are often identified as green in the Multi-Listing Service (MLS). 
  • Engage a green realtor — Realtors with EcoBroker certification or National Association of Realtors Green Designation can help. 
  • Talk to your builder — If you are considering a home in a new development, ask the builder if they are working with Austin Energy Green Building to rate the homes.

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Date last reviewed or modified: 01/31/2022