E-Ride Rebate

Programs Available for Electric Bikes, Scooters, Mopeds, and Motorcycles


Electric Ride (E-Ride) Rebates Available

Austin Energy electric customers are eligible for qualifying rebates for individual and fleet E-Ride purchases.

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Electric Ride Options

Speeds on two-wheel electric vehicles can range from 10 mph to over 50 mph. How these two-wheel electric vehicles are powered can vary:

  • All vehicles are powered with an electric motor.
  • Some vehicles use a combination of human and electric power.
  • Some vehicles, like the motorcycle, use only electric power.

Where to Purchase E-Rides

All qualifying two-wheel vehicle purchases must be made through an Austin Energy-approved dealership to qualify for a rebate. Participating dealers carry a variety of makes and models.

MetroBike Access

No bike? No problem. Try a MetroBike and enjoy a smooth ride around town for short trips without buying a bike.

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Learn more about Austin Energy’s work with CapMetro’s MetroBikes

Are you a resident of the Housing Authority of the City of Austin? See how you can get a MetroBike annual pass and access MetroBike stations close to home (video)  

Stay Plugged In

Date last reviewed or modified: 04/10/2024