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Rooftop Solar Systems and Community Solar Options

Are you ready to go green with clean renewable solar power? Austin Energy helps our residential customers when they want to invest in Solar Photovoltaic (PV) installations or sign up for Community Solar.

Start Saving When You Install Rooftop Solar

In addition to reducing your monthly utility bills with solar generation, Austin Energy offers a rebate to help reduce the upfront cost of your solar PV system installation. Your system may also qualify for a federal tax credit and property tax exemption.

If you choose to lease your solar PV system, you are not eligible for a rebate; however, you will receive a VoS credit on your bill for every kilowatt-hour generated by your leased solar PV system.

Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) are not allowed in the Austin Energy Service Area as Austin Energy has the exclusive right to sell electricity in its service area.

Do You Own Your Home? Use Our Checklist to See If It Meets Requirements for Rooftop Solar

There are several important things you’ll need to check:

  • Is your roof in good condition? — Solar panels are designed to stay on your roof for at least 25 years. Removing and reattaching solar panels can be expensive. If you think you will need to make roof repairs in the coming years, you may want to replace or repair the roof before installing solar panels.
  • Is your roof facing the right direction? — Will your solar panels have good exposure to the south, or completely unshaded eastern or western exposure? In Austin, Texas, the most optimally positioned solar PV system faces due south, and is tilted to a 30 degree angle. If a south facing roof is not available to install solar panels on, west facing is generally the next best, and east facing solar panels also work.
  • Do you have at least 300 sq ft of open, unobstructed, and shade-free roof space? — Each kilowatt (kW) of rooftop solar requires approximately 100 sq ft of roof space. To qualify for the rebate, you must install at least a 3kW system. You must allow an additional 100 sq ft of unobstructed space for each additional kW you plan to install. 
  • Can you keep trees from blocking your solar panels? — Remember that trees grow. While a roof might be shade-free today, trees to the south could shade panels over time. Design your solar installation to accommodate tree growth or plan to do regular tree trimming.

Austin Energy’s Free Solar Education Course

Shopping for solar at home takes careful consideration. The Austin Energy Solar Education Course gives you the knowledge you need for a positive solar buying and installation experience.

Bienvenido al programa de Educación Solar de Austin Energy. Utilice este enlace para tomar el curso en español.

The Solar Education Course covers topics such as:

  • Sizing your system
  • Solar access and equipment
  • Rebates and financing
  • Comparing proposals
  • Questions to ask solar installers

Available online at your convenience 24/7, taking this this free course can also help you avoid solar scams.

Get Started with Your Solar PV Installation

Getting started is easy. You must work with one of our participating contractors to qualify for Austin Energy incentives. They help you select the best system for your home and submit the incentive application on your behalf.

Get the details for the Residential Solar PV Rebate and find a participating contractor

Do You Rent? Is Your Home Ineligible for Rooftop PV? Consider Community Solar

Austin Energy is working to expand access to solar power for those customers who aren’t able to go solar at home. Residential customers are now able to get on the waiting list to subscribe to community solar power for their home. When Austin Energy has available Community Solar capacity, customers can go solar and meet 100% of their electricity needs with energy supplied from local Community Solar projects.

Learn more about the Community Solar option for residential customers

Date last reviewed or modified: 07/05/2023