Approved Electric Rates

Fiscal Year 2024

New Rates and Fees start Nov. 1

Every year, the Austin City Council approves the rates and fees customers pay on their City of Austin Utilities bill. That includes Austin Energy’s portion. Below are some of the changes that go into effect Nov. 1.

  • Base rates for electric service increased by 2%, strengthening the utility’s financial health.
  • For pass-through rates — a dollar-for-dollar recovery of certain costs:
    • The Regulatory Charge went down by 8%.
    • The Community Benefit Charge went up by 53%.
  • As approved with the 2022 base rate changes, the monthly Customer Charge increased by a dollar.

With these changes, the typical residential customer will see a monthly bill increase of about $2.44. Bill impacts to commercial customers will vary depending on consumption patterns.

For the Power Supply Adjustment, Austin Energy can make changes throughout the year, as needed. The PSA is a dollar-for-dollar recovery that’s adjusted to reflect current power supply costs and any existing balance. The current rate can always be found on the City of Austin 2023-2024 Schedule.

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Date last reviewed or modified: 12/05/2023