Approved Electric Rates

Fiscal Year 2023

Austin Energy Adjusted Pass-through Charges

Changes to Austin Energy's pass-through charges, including the Power Supply Adjustment and the Regulatory Charge, were approved October 13, 2022 and went into effect November 1, 2022.

No changes were made to Austin Energy's base rates through this process.

Residential customers who use 860 kWh a month could see an increase of about $15 to their monthly electric bill. Impacts to commercial customers will vary depending on consumption patterns.

  • The Power Supply Adjustment increased by 52%, with part of the needed recovery spread over the next three years to reduce the effect on customers’ bills. The Power Supply Adjustment is a dollar-for-dollar recovery that includes the cost of fuel for our power plants, the cost of electricity purchased from the grid and any net changes experienced as Austin Energy sells power to the grid. Austin Energy can make small adjustments to this charge throughout the year, as conditions require.
  • The Regulatory Charge increased by 24% to meet the expenses of rising wholesale transmission costs. The Regulatory Charge recovers Austin Energy’s costs for using the ERCOT wholesale transmission system and other regulatory fees and charges.

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Date last reviewed or modified: 11/01/2022