Contractor Disconnects

Reduce Wait Times on Residential Electric Service Rebuilds

Austin Energy is implementing the Contractor Disconnects program to reduce wait times for certain types of residential projects.

This program enables participating electrical contractors to complete all phases of electrical residential service rebuilds — specifically disconnects and reconnects — that would otherwise need to be performed by Austin Energy.


Electrical contractors who participate in this program will be allowed to cut Austin Energy seals and supply conductors to perform:

Socket Mounted Transfer Switches are not installed under the CDP. Please refer to the Socket-Mounted Transfer Switch Devices

Overhead Services

  • Upgrade and reconnect electric service, using Austin Energy approved splices
  • Install transfer switches
  • Change out main panel
  • Replace load side conductors

Underground Services

  • Replace load side conductors in the meter can
  • Upgrade main panel
  • Install transfer switches

The project will not meet program requirements if the Austin Energy service drop conductors (line side) require extension for either type of service or if the meter can needs to be replaced.

How to Participate

  • The CDP registration period is currently open from June 1st 2024 to July 14th 2024. Please read through the Terms and Conditions and CDP application, once read and signed please send the forms into for processing.
  • Electrical contractors who wish to participate must be established with the Texas Department of Licensing and Registration (TDLR).
  • Approved registrations are good for one year from approval date. Electrical contractors who wish to participate in the program will need to register with Austin Energy annually and follow all required guidelines.
  • A mandatory training class will occur following the close of each registration period. An email will be sent out prior to training to all who successfully register.
  • There will be a $165 charge assessed to each permit that is accepted into the program to cover the cost of Austin Energy’s Completeness Check. This charge will show up on the permit as AE Field Ops Consultation.
  • It is solely the responsibility of the permit holder to keep a permit active until it receives a Final status. To do so, permit holders must actively perform work toward the completion of the permitted project and schedule a final inspection.

Download the Contractor Disconnect Terms and Conditions (pdf) for complete details

Workflow for Participating Contractors

  1. Participating contractors may pull permits per guidelines with Request to Disconnect in the work description.
  2. An Austin Energy spotter will perform a field service check and note if the participating contractor is cleared to perform the work (meaning to cut the seal on the meter).
  3. The participating contractor will schedule electrical inspection, verify the inspection date, and notify the Austin Energy Contractor Disconnects Program by email of their intent to perform the work (to cut the seal).
  4. The participating contractor will perform the work on the agreed-upon date, have the service inspected prior to re-energizing, and Submit the Completeness form (pdf) to Austin Energy on the same day work is completed.
  5. Austin Energy will electronically attach the Contractor Disconnect Completeness form (pdf) to the permit and release the permit, as well as perform follow-up to check connections and install the final meter seal.

How To Become a Participating Contractor

Email completed forms to Austin Energy Contractor Disconnect Program. All three documents must be submitted in one email. Separate emails will not be accepted. 

Austin Energy will email you within five business days to let you know if your application has been approved and to provide information on required training.

Important Documents


Email: Austin Energy Contractor Disconnect Program

Date last reviewed or modified: 11/30/2023