ECAD for Commercial Buildings

Information for Property Owners and Managers

The Energy Conservation Audit and Disclosure (ECAD) ordinance (pdf) requires commercial building owners to benchmark and report their energy use rating by June 1st each year. The ordinance applies to commercial buildings 10,000 sf or larger that are located within the Austin city limits and receive electricity from Austin Energy. 

Benchmarking your commercial building for its energy use not only helps you comply with the City’s ECAD ordinance, but it also helps you take key measures to reduce your energy consumption. Your building’s energy rating may uncover opportunities to reduce your carbon footprint and save money.

Two Commercial Reporting Options

Option 1: Comply with Key Code Reporting Process (Compares to Local Energy Use)

As part of the Key Code Reporting Process, Austin Energy has calculated the energy use data for the buildings you own. To comply with the ordinance, confirm that the property information we have on file is accurate.

In March of each year, you will receive a letter asking you to confirm your property information for quick and easy ECAD compliance. This letter will include:

  • Property information for your building(s)
  • Energy use data for your building(s), calculated based on size and property type
  • A unique Building Owner Key Code and instructions for entering this Key Code online to confirm your property information

If you have not received information regarding the new reporting process, please call 512-482-5346 or email us for assistance.

Option 2: Comply with Environmental Protection Agency's Portfolio Manager (Compares to National Energy Use)

Alternatively, you may continue to submit a report via the ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager. ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager is a free, industry-standard online tool created by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). It allows you to track the energy consumption of your building(s) and compare them to similar buildings nationwide.

Energy Use Data Reveals Improvement Opportunities

The ECAD ordinance may uncover opportunities to both reduce your energy consumption and save money. Austin Energy recommends investigating energy efficiency improvements if your building ranks below 50.

Get details about rebates and incentives to help commercial building owners make smart energy choices

Learn how energy benchmarking paid off for The Terrace, a local commercial office development (pdf)

Qualified Energy Professionals Can Help

Austin Energy maintains a list of qualified energy professionals who can provide business and consulting services to help you with your ECAD compliance. These services include comprehensive energy audits that can identify opportunities to increase your building’s energy efficiency.

Download a list of qualified energy professionals (pdf)

Contact Us

If you have not received information regarding the ECAD ordinance reporting process for commercial building owners, please call 512-482-5346 or email us for assistance.

Date last reviewed or modified: 06/23/2022