Solar Inspections

Request Form for Use by Solar Installation Companies

All solar energy systems that are installed in Austin Energy service area must pass a solar inspection before they can be turned on. This is to ensure the safety of the system.

Inspection requests are to be submitted by the solar installation company when the project has been completed.

How to Request a Solar Inspection

Solar companies submit their requests for an inspection through the Solar Inspection Request Form. An email will be sent to the solar company and to the customer to confirm that Austin Energy has received the request. Another email will be sent when the inspection has been scheduled.

Pre-Installation Inspections

There are a few types of inspections that need to happen before the installation has been completed. You can request these by selecting the applicable inspection type from the drop-down menu in the online form.

Rough Inspections

If any parts of the system (e.g., wiring) will be covered up before the installation is complete, request a Rough Inspection to have them reviewed first.

Pre-Construction Meeting

If you have questions about project design, request a Pre-Construction Meeting with an inspector. Please provide detail of your request in the Notes.

Pre-Wire Inspections

This type of inspection is required when you install wiring that will be used for a future solar installation. This usually applies to new building construction.

Meter Variance Request

Prior to installation, if you cannot place the meter grouped according to the Austin Energy Design Criteria, you must request a meter variance using this form. Requests are not always granted.

Temporary Shutdowns

If you need to temporarily disconnect service while installing solar, please contact Austin Energy Distribution Metering or call 512-505-7620.

Schedule inspection through Austin Build + Connect (AB + C) to reconnect service.

If your solar project includes service repair or upgrade, you must close the permit for that work before scheduling a final solar inspection.


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Date last reviewed or modified: 11/07/2023