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  • What qualifies an ECAD energy professional to perform energy audits under the ECAD ordinance?

    The ECAD residential and multifamily audits must be performed by an energy professional who is a certified Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET) Rater or a Building Performance Institute (BPI) Building Analyst Professional. With one or both certifications they can then register with Austin Energy to perform energy audits under ECAD. 

    Austin Energy maintains a list of certified ECAD Energy Professionals who have registered with Austin Energy (pdf).

    In addition to being certified, these energy professionals attend an Austin Energy orientation to understand the Austin Climate Protection Plan, the ECAD ordinance, and Austin Energy rebates and incentives programs and standards.

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  • Can ECAD energy professionals perform audits for both residential homes and multifamily properties?

    Yes. They are qualified to audit both, but they may choose to specialize in only one property type.

  • Can non-certified energy professionals perform ECAD audits if they work under a certified energy professionals?

    No. All ECAD energy professionals must be BPI- or RESNET-certified and perform the audits themselves.

  • How do I know that an energy professional has the required certification?

    Property owners may check the certifying organizations web sites or ask ECAD energy professionals to show their BPI or RESNET certification documents.

  • Do ECAD energy professionals have to get additional certifications to perform ECAD audits for multifamily properties?

    No. ECAD energy professionals can perform audits for residential and multifamily properties. However, some may choose to specialize in only one by attending a specific Austin Energy orientation session.

  • Do ECAD energy professionals have to get additional certifications to perform ECAD audits for commercial buildings?

    No. Commercial buildings only need to have a benchmark energy rating. Building owners can choose to consult with ECAD energy professionals about calculating a benchmark energy rating and exploring energy improvement opportunities, but they are not required to.


  • How long does the training take?

    The preparatory training usually takes up to five days depending on the training provider. The training includes both classroom and field training.

  • How much does the preparatory training cost?

    BPI and RESNET training, testing, and certification costs are available from the training providers.

  • Who provides the preparatory training for certifications?

    You can find lists of training providers at the web sites of the certifying organizations: the BPI and RESNET.

Equipment and Testing

  • Do ECAD energy professionals need special audit software, thermal imaging capabilities, and blower door testing equipment?

    ECAD energy professionals need a duct testing equipment to measure duct leakage. BPI or RESNET may identify other equipment and software needed to meet their certification requirements.

  • Are ECAD energy professionals required to perform a duct blower test for residential homes and multifamily properties?

    Yes. ECAD energy professionals need to perform a duct blower test to determine duct system leakage.

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Date last reviewed or modified: 03/29/2024