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Charges and Fees

Community Benefit Charges

The Community Benefit Charges include:

  • Customer Assistance Program (CAP) — The City of Austin Customer Assistance Program provides assistance to qualifying low-income and disadvantaged residential customers in the Austin Energy service territory. CAP provides bill discounts, such as waivers of Austin Energy's Customer Charge.

    Learn more about the Customer Assistance Program
  • Service Area Lighting — The Service Area Lighting component recovers the cost of street lighting (except for those maintained by the Texas Department of Transportation) and the operation of traffic signals in the City of Austin. Customers located outside of Austin do not pay these fees.
  • Energy Efficiency Programs — The Energy Efficiency Programs piece recovers the cost of energy efficiency programs. This includes rebates offered to commercial customers to make improvements to their businesses and organizations to reduce their electric bill.
    • Energy Efficiency Improvements — This component recovers costs for Austin Energy Rebates and Incentives, which can help reduce the cost of making energy efficiency improvements to homes, businesses, or multifamily properties.

      Learn more about Austin Energy Rebates and Incentives
    • Solar — This Energy Efficiency Services component includes recovery of the cost of solar incentives to encourage the installation of rooftop solar systems. Reducing demand for electricity during the peak summer months defers or avoids the need to construct new generating plants.

      Learn more about rebates for installing a solar system for your business
    • Green Building — This Energy Efficiency Services component recovers the cost of Austin Energy Green Building, which promotes and implements policies and guidelines to increase energy efficiency and sustainability in the construction of new homes and businesses.

      Learn more about Austin Energy Green Building


Community Benefit Charges (¢ per kWh)
  Customer Assistance Programs Service Area Street Lighting Energy Efficiency Programs
  Inside Outside
Secondary Voltage 1 < 10 kW 0.058¢ 0.124¢ 0.238¢
Secondary Voltage 2 ≥ 10 < 300 kW 0.058¢ 0.124¢ 0.238¢
Secondary Voltage 3 ≥ 300 kW 0.058¢ 0.124¢ 0.238¢
Commercial and Industrial
Primary Voltage 1 < 3 MW 0.058¢ 0.122¢ 0.233¢
Primary Voltage 2 ≥ 3 < 20 MW 0.058¢ 0.122¢ 0.233¢
Primary Voltage 2 HLF ≥ 3 < 20 MW & ≥ 85% LF 0.058¢ 0.122¢
Primary Voltage 3 ≥ 20 MW 0.058¢ 0.122¢ 0.233¢
Primary Voltage 4 ≥ 20 MW & ≥ 85% LF 0.058¢
Transmission Voltage 1   0.058¢ 0.120¢ 0.230¢
Transmission Voltage 2 ≥ 20 MW & ≥ 85% LF 0.058¢

Load Shifting Voltage Discount

Austin Energy is committed to providing cost-based alternative rate structures for customers who wish to reduce their on-peak demand using load shifting technologies, such as thermal energy storage.

Customers can qualify for the Load Shifting Voltage Discount rider when shifting at least 30% of their normal monthly billed demand. Austin Energy will assess all changes based on billed kilowatts — Electric Delivery, Demand, and Regulatory charges — using the 15-minute maximum demand recorded during peak hours (3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.).

Special Accommodations

  • Public School Districts and State Facilities — Public school districts and state facilities receive a 20% discount on monthly customer, delivery, demand, and energy charges.

  • Military Bases — As defined by the Public Utility Regulatory Act, military base accounts receive a 20% discount on their monthly customer, delivery, demand, and energy charges.

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Date last reviewed or modified: 03/01/2023