Value of Solar (VoS) Rates

Energy Credits for On-Site Solar

The Value of Solar (VoS) is the rate at which Austin Energy credits solar customers for the energy produced by their on-site energy systems.

Each monthly bill will include a charge for the total energy usage of their home or business and a solar credit for the energy their system generated at the applicable VoS rate. The rate varies depending upon the type of customer and the size of the solar project as follows:

Value of Solar Rate (effective January 1, 2018)
Customer Type VoS Rate ($/kWh)
Residential and Commercial

Commercial Demand
(Solar capacity < 1,000 kW-ac)

Commercial Demand
Solar capacity ≥ 1,000 kW-ac)

Value of Solar rates will be updated in the retail rate review process.

On the monthly electric bill, the “Solar PV Read” reflects that month’s generation as measured by the solar photovoltaic (PV) meter. To calculate your solar credit, Austin Energy takes the total generation hours in kWh and multiplies it by the applicable VoS rate.

If the solar credit is larger than the energy bill, the remaining credit rolls over to the next month as long as the account remains open. Solar credits are only applicable to the electric bill and cannot be used to offset other City of Austin charges.

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Date last reviewed or modified: 11/01/2021