Socket-Mounted Transfer Switch Devices

Austin Energy Approved Devices

Specifications for socket-mounted transfer switch device types by manufacturer are listed below.

Socket-Mounted Transfer Switch 
Description  Approved Manufacturers

 30-amp with 75kA per phase surge protection 


 40-amp with 75kA per phase surge protection


Whole home back-up switch, with a continuous load rating of 200A, to operate in conjunction with a compatible, manufacturer approved inverter

Model #1624171-xx-y

(Tesla Backup Switch UL414 UL2735 UL916 VoC)

Socket-Mounted Transfer Switches identified above are approved for use on 200 amp residential services.

Applying for a Non-Permitted Job Online

Registration Instructions

A permit is not required to install a socket mounted transfer switch device; however, registration and a field operations consultation is required. For the registration and required "field operations consultation" request, please visit the Austin Build + Connect portal.

Download instructions for completing the field operations consultation request on the Austin Build + Connect portal (pdf) 

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Date last reviewed or modified: 04/04/2024