Power Partner℠ EV

Rebates & Incentives

Earn up to $75 through Power Partner EV.

Have an EV charger at home? Earn rewards for using less energy during periods of high energy demand.

Enroll in Power Partner EV and earn a $50 bill credit plus $25 after one year of remaining in the program.

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Charging EV at homre

Power Partners help the community manage energy use on days when the need is highest. During Power Partner events, Austin Energy will make minor, remote adjustments to your enrolled Level 2 EV charger or qualifying vehicle.

Your battery state of charge will not be reduced during these events, nor will any other function of your vehicle be controlled. If your EV is charging during a Power Partner event, the charging process will be paused or slowed until the event is over. You can override an event and resume normal charging at any time.

Power Partner events typically occur June 1 - September 30. Events last up to 4 hours between 2-7 p.m. A maximum of 15 Power Partner events will occur per month (primarily during the summer season). During extreme weather circumstances, Austin Energy may conduct events outside of these windows.

Power Partners play an important part in enhancing grid stability and helping the City of Austin meet clean energy goals. Your participation helps decrease stress on the electric system while further lowering your carbon emissions. In addition to the upfront $50 bill credit, you will receive $25 after one year of remaining in the program.

Enroll your qualifying Level 2 EV charger or qualifying vehicle today.

Austin Energy will provide:

  • A $50 bill credit for enrolling your qualifying Level 2 EV charger or qualifying vehicle in Power Partner EV. The credit will appear as an “Adjustment” line item within 1-2 billing cycles after approval.
  • A $25 bill credit after one year of participation in Power Partner EV.

Confirm that you are eligible to enroll:

  • I am a current Austin Energy residential customer.
  • I have a qualified, Wi-Fi capable EV charger that is connected to the internet or a telematics-enabled vehicle – see list of eligible vehicles below.
  • I will allow Austin Energy to adjust my charging speed during periods of high community energy use (usually between 2-7 p.m.) up to four (4) hours at a time and up to 15 times per month. During extreme weather circumstances, Austin Energy may conduct events outside of these windows. Participants may easily opt out of events without penalty through their EV charging app. 

Eligible Telematics-Enabled Vehicles

The EVs listed below are telematics-enabled, which means they can connect directly to Austin Energy without needing a smart charger.

Vehicle Make Vehicle Model
Tesla 3, S, X, Y


Eligible EV Chargers

See the chart below for eligible charging equipment. Your charger must be installed and activated with internet connectivity prior to enrollment. Your Wi-Fi connection and EV charger(s) must be connected to your EV charger manufacturer’s account.

Model Name Model Number Type
ChargePoint CPH25-L25-P, CPH25-L25, CPH25-L18-P, CPH25-L18 Plug In or Hardwired
ChargePoint CPH50-NEMA6-50-L23 Plug In or Hardwired
ChargePoint CPH50-NEMA 14-50-L23 Plug In or Hardwired
Emporia EMEVSE1 Plug In or Hardwired
Enel X JuiceBox 48, JuiceBox 40, JuiceBox 32 Plug In or Hardwired
EvoCharge 40A, 32A Plug In or Hardwired

It's easy to enroll in Power Partner EV.

If you have both a qualifying EVSE and a qualifying EV, please enroll your EV only. If you have questions, please email AEpowerpartner@austinenergy.com.

Stay Plugged In


Funding is limited and available only to Austin Energy customers on a first-come, first-served basis. Offerings are subject to change without notice. Rebates are not guaranteed until after Austin Energy's review and approval of the rebate application. Program guidelines include additional requirements and limitations for receiving the above rebates. Contact us for more details.

Date last reviewed or modified: 05/31/2024