Distribution Construction Standards

Standards for Building Austin Energy Infrastructure

The Austin Energy Distribution Construction Standards (DCS) Manual displays the acceptable construction assemblies that have been approved by the Austin Energy Distribution Material Standards Committee for distribution construction. Exceptions not covered in the DCS are due to maintenance and special situations. The downtown Network Construction Standards are also not covered in the DCS.

How to Read the Distribution Construction Standards Manual

The DCS is arranged in numerical order of a combination of the Compatible Unit Reference (CU-REF) numbers and Macro Unit Reference (MU-REF) numbers.

The DCS also contains drawings that show the actual representation of each method of construction.

  • Some drawings have reference tables for span length and angle parameters.
  • The tables reference which MU to use with a particular span length or angle.

The DCS is made up of two different but related categories: CU and MU.

  • A CU consists of one stock item to several stock items which form a small assembly.
  • An MU is a large assembly that is made up of CUs.
  • CU-REF numbers and the MU-REF numbers relate to a particular drawing number or page number making CU's and MUs easier to find in the manual.
  • The CU-REF numbers and the MU-REF number are also listed on each drawing.
    • A CU includes a generalized drawing of a part or small assembly.
    • An MU is a collection of multiple CUs.

Distribution Construction Standards

The following specifications are available for download. Please contact us if you have questions or need additional assistance.

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