Smart Meter Opt-Out

Option Available for Residential Customers

We support individual choice for residential customers when it comes to their home electricity meter. You may choose between a smart meter and an analog meter.

Smart Meter vs. Analog Meter
Smart Meter Benefits Smart Meter Analog Meter
  smart meter image Analog meter image
No meter readers on property  
Outage detection  
Smart device & smart home capability  
More reliable service  
Set up charge Free $75.00*
Monthly charge Free $10.00*
*per 2022 – 2023 Austin Energy Fee Schedule


Please note that smart meter-enabled benefits will be discontinued when you switch to an analog meter. Special conditions apply. Call Customer Care for more information.

How to Opt-Out

There are two ways to opt-out of a smart meter:

Opt-Out Charges

If you switch to an analog meter, charges will be added to your bill. These charges are set by City Council. They include an initial $75 Smart Meter Opt Out Exchange Fee plus tax and a $10 Smart Meter Opt Out Monthly Manual Read Fee.

If You Decide to Go Back to a Smart Meter

You can switch from analog back to a smart meter by calling Customer Care at 512-494-9400. There is no charge to switch back.

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Date last reviewed or modified: 11/01/2022