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A Guide for Drivers, Riders, and Property Owners to Navigate the EV Landscape

EVolved Performance Vehicles

Buyer's Guide

Electric vehicles have better performance, fuel efficiency, and driving experience. EVs offer instant torque, smooth acceleration, and stability. If you want to check out a new or used EV or take one for a test drive at a local dealership, go to the Austin Energy EV Buyer’s Guide.


EVerything You Need to Know About Charging in Austin

Electric Vehicle Charging

What is Level 2, and DC Fast Charging, and how do you choose the right one for your EV? Learn more at our Charging 101

  • Charge-On-The-Go: Austin Energy offers charging options for EVeryone. No subscription required.
  • For homeowners: One of the biggest perks of driving an EV is to charge right at home while you sleep. Austin Energy offers a rebate for a Level 2 home charger or you can charge with a regular outlet.
  • For businesses: An EV charging station is a big customer draw. Austin Energy has a rebate of up to $5,000 to cut costs on installation. Learn more at Plug-In Austin EV Charging Station Rebate.

EV and Emerging Technology: Our Story

Industry Day

Austin Energy has been a leader in electric mobility and promoting sustainability for almost 20 years. Their commitment to electric vehicles has helped make Austin one of the top three cities in the nation for EV ownership. The Electric Vehicles and Emerging Technology team actively engages with the community through education campaigns and events.

  • EVs are for Everyone: A comprehensive initiative aimed at promoting electric mobility across the Austin community.
  • EVs for Schools: Austin Energy collaborates with local school districts to promote electric vehicle (EV) adoption and environmental awareness.
  • Austin Energy Powers Electrify Expo: North America’s Largest EV Festival helps to make EV technology available to everyday people and impact the future of mobility.
Date last reviewed or modified: 04/10/2024