Austin Energy Green Building hits new milestone

December 11, 2018

white house at hancock drive

Austin Energy Green Building recently hit a big milestone, now boasting more than 15,000 single family homes in the Austin area that have earned an AEGB rating since the program’s launch in 1991. The program awards ratings of 1- to 5-stars to homes that incorporate environmental and energy-saving features into the design and construction. The first ratings were awarded to 13 homes and inspired many other programs across the nation, including the United States Green Building Council’s LEED certification system.

Austin Energy Green Building aims to rate 20-30 percent of the new homes built in Austin. In 2018, AEGB rated 895 homes and approximately 4,400 new single family residential homes were built.

According to Energy Efficiency Services Manager Heidi Kasper, homeowners recognize the value of an AEGB rating. A recent study completed by the University of Texas Real Estate Finance and Investment Center found that homes marketed with green certifications command a higher sales price. On average, rated homes are 9-18 percent more energy efficient than similar homes built to code, saving homeowners money on their utility bills every month.

Kasper says the ongoing success of the Austin Energy Green Building program shows that demand for resource-efficient, durable, comfortable and healthy homes continues to grow.

“We are helping raise the standard for homes being built in Austin that are healthier and more comfortable to live in, more energy, water and material-efficient, as well as better for the community and the planet,” said Kasper. “We also want green homes to be accessible and available to everyone.”

In addition to single family homes, Austin Energy Green Building also rates apartment and condominium buildings and has rated more than 34,000 multifamily dwelling units. Many of the rated apartment buildings, such as Foundation Communities’ Lakeline Station, serve low income residents. The development’s 5-star rated learning center was the 2017 project of the year winner at the Austin Green Awards.

Builders and developers are now responding to the demand for green homes. There are entire neighborhoods of 5-star rated homes, a feat once thought to be an achievement reserved for the custom home market. In today’s rated homes, electric vehicle charging stations, solar panels and LED lighting are becoming more common. As new technologies emerge along with the adoption of best building practices as a result of the rating, Austin Energy Green Building continues to evolve and promote innovations that embrace quality, smart, climate appropriate design and construction practices that create an enduring legacy for future generations.

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