Formal Impartial Hearing Examiner (IHE) Process

2022 Base Rate Review

Austin Energy is going through a base rate review, which works to ensure that customer charges for electricity accurately recover costs and reflect the community’s priorities. Austin Energy recently completed a financial analysis for Fiscal Year 2021 and is now proposing to raise base electric rates as a result.

The base rate review is a public, transparent process that includes:

  • An Impartial Hearing Examiner (IHE) designated by Austin City Council to review information from the electric utility, community stakeholders and customer groups Participating in the formal process.
  • An Independent Consumer Advocate with specialized knowledge and expertise in utility rates to represent the interests of residential and small business customers.
  • Updated base rates set by Austin City Council. Approved changes would affect electric bills starting in 2023.

The Impartial Hearing Examiner will assist the Austin City Council in establishing fair and balanced base rates through the impartial review of Austin Energy's recommendations and through the deliberate consideration of the perspectives and opinions of the utility's customers.

Specifically, the Impartial Hearing Examiner will:

  • Examine all issues and make a recommendation on Austin Energy’s base rate proposal.
  • Conduct open and fair proceedings.
  • Make recommendations to Council.

New: Impartial Hearing Examiner Recommendation (pdf)

Public Proceedings

You may Participate in the Impartial Hearing Examiner's formal public process and provide input on Austin Energy's proposed base rates. This multi-step process will run through September 2022.

Participants in this process can:

  • Provide input on Austin Energy's proposed base rates.
  • Ask questions of Austin Energy staff.
  • Present their perspective for the Impartial Hearing Examiner to consider.

To take part in the formal Impartial Hearing Examiner process as a Participant, you must be an Austin Energy customer and submit a request to Participate.

People who wish to Participate through this process will need to submit a request by Wednesday, May 18, 2022. The Austin City Clerk’s Office will keep a public record of all documents filed for the Impartial Hearing Examiner’s consideration. 

2022 Base Rate Review Procedural Schedule

The Impartial Hearing Examiner process begins April 18, 2022 and will conclude mid-September 2022. 

The Austin Energy 2022 Base Rate Filing Package (3 MB - pdf) and the Austin Energy 2022 Base Rate Filing Package Appendices (13.7 MB pdf) were released on April 18, 2022. The release of the Filing Package marked the opening of the formal IHE process and set the first day that participants could file a Request to Participate.

Visit the City Clerk’s website to view the official record of filed documents

The Electric Utility Commission and Austin City Council will review the IHE recommendation upon completion of the Impartial Hearing Examiner process. Council will approve Austin Energy’s final base rates. It is expected Council will make a final decision in November 2022. 

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Date last reviewed or modified: 10/31/2022