Safety Around Pad-Mounted Transformers

Stay Safe Around Electric Equipment on Your Property

Neighborhoods with underground utilities need pad-mounted transformers to allow Austin Energy personnel access to the electric system. We need access to these transformers to perform routine maintenance or to restore power after an outage.

What Are Pad-Mounted Transformers?

Pad-mounted transformers look like big green or gray metal boxes. Many times, they are located within public utility easements that cross the property owner's land. Not every house or business has a transformer; one is needed for only about every six houses or buildings.

Always Allow Access to Transformers

If there is a pad-mounted transformer in a public utility easement across your property, please maintain a clear eight foot path in front of the unit. The front is where the transformer’s door opens; the door is padlocked.

Be sure not to obstruct the front of the transformer. Obstructions include fences, shrubs, trees, storage sheds, and so on. Any obstruction can:

  • Create safety risks to the personnel trying to access the transformer
  • Delay service restoration during power outages
  • Cause problems during routine maintenance of equipment

It is a City of Austin Utility Service Regulation to allow City personnel safe and unobstructed access to its electrical equipment at all times.

Stay Safe Around Transformers

For your protection, avoid making contact with a pad-mounted transformer. And please, never allow children to play on or near transformers.

Report Problems

Immediately report unlocked or damaged — such as leaking oil, struck by a car, and so on — pad-mounted transformers to Austin Energy at 512-322-9100.

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Date last reviewed or modified: 08/25/2020