Payment Arrangement

What has prompted the October 19, 2015 change in policy?

Austin City Council updated Austin Energy’s payment arrangement policy in the summer of 2015. 

The new policy was prompted by the rapid increase in customer debt, utility debt, and the negative effect this debt had on City of Austin finances and customers.

Through stakeholder and community input, the new policy was crafted to give Austin Energy flexibility and guidelines when working with customers to resolve their past-due charges. The new payment arrangement policy is expected to help lower customer account balances and level the upward trend in total debt for the City of Austin and Austin Energy.

How can I avoid getting my power disconnected?

If, for whatever reason, you are unable to pay your monthly bill, call Customer Care at 512-494-9400 to resolve the issue. If you are not yet on a payment arrangement plan or if you have broken your current payment arrangement, we will help you determine if you qualify for any payment arrangement options.  

What happens if I don’t pay my bill on time?

If you fail to pay your bill, call Customer Care at 512-494-9400 to resolve the issue. If you do not call us and this is your first late bill, we will send you two notifications by mail and hang a final door hanger at your residence. 

If we still do not hear from you, we will disconnect your power. 

How can I set up a payment arrangement?

You can set up a payment arrangement before you fall behind on your utility bills. Call Customer Care at 512-494-9400 or email Residential Customer Care to get started. 

How does a payment arrangement work?

Payment arrangement installments may span up to 24 months or less based on your previous payment arrangement history. You will be required to make a down payment. In order to ensure you do not default on your payment arrangement, you must always pay your current bill and your payment arrangement installment by the due date. 

How many payment arrangements will I get each year?

You have unlimited payment arrangements, as long as you have fulfilled all of your previous payment arrangements. If you no longer have payment arrangement options, you must bring your account current to qualify for future payment arrangement options. 

What if I already had a payment arrangement, but broke it?

If you break your payment arrangement, you should contact us at 512-494-9400 to determine if another payment arrangement option is available. 

If the payment arrangement you broke was created prior to October 19, 2015, we will not be able to offer you the same payment arrangement terms.

How do the October 19, 2015 policy changes affect my current payment arrangement?

If you are on a payment arrangement, do not break it. If you make your current payment and your additional installment amount on time, you will stay on your current payment arrangement. 

If your current payment arrangement defaults, we will determine if a new payment arrangement is warranted, based on your account balance and your previous payment arrangement history. The new payment arrangements offer fewer opportunities. 

I am on the Customer Assistance Discount Program. Do the same guidelines apply?

Customers enrolled in the discount are limited to a 24-month term or a maximum installment of $48 a month on the payment arrangement. This $48 is in addition to your current monthly bill charges. 

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Date last reviewed or modified: 6/29/18

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