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Austin Energy provides incentives to help your business invest in solar power.
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Solar power can reduce the energy that your business buys from the grid, which lowers your bills and helps the environment. Incentives are available to help make going solar a wise investment, including Austin Energy's Performance-Based Incentive (PBI), the Investment Tax Credit, and Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System (MACRS) depreciation.

Austin Energy Solar Incentives Help with Installation Costs

Austin Energy provides incentives to help reduce the cost of your solar energy system installation. Your business may be eligible to receive a Performance-Based Incentive (PBI) for your solar system. The PBI is a monthly bill credit based on your solar production that is locked in for 10 years, and is in addition to the bill savings that solar provides.

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Is Solar Right for Your Business?

  • Is your business considering investing in a solar PV system?
    Solar PV can be an opportunity to decrease your utility bills, while also making a statement about your company’s commitment to sustainability.
  • Does your property deed allow you to install solar energy systems?
    Make sure that there are no restrictions to solar panels being installed on your roof.
  • Do you have a shade-free roof?
    Shade can limit the solar production of your system, which negatively affects the potential return on investment. Make sure that your roof receives enough sunlight for solar PV.
  • Is your roof in good condition?
    Solar panels have a warrantied lifetime of 25 years. If re-roofing or roof repair is needed, removing the solar panels and re-installing them can be expensive.

How Will Solar Help Reduce Your Bills?

As of January 1, 2018 the Value of Solar (VoS) rate was extended to commercial solar customers. 

With VoS, commercial solar customers:

  • are charged for their total energy consumption — regardless of energy source — just as they did before becoming solar participants.
  • receive a solar credit for the energy that their system generates at the applicable VoS rate.

Commercial solar customers who pay monthly demand rates of 10kW or above will receive $0.067 per kWh for all solar energy produced (or $0.047 per kWh if the system is over 1 MW-ac), and will be able to reduce their demand charges if their solar production causes a reduction in peak demand. Check your bill to see your monthly demand.

Non-demand rate customers, including residential and many small businesses, will receive $0.097 per kWh for all solar energy produced.

Review the approved City of Austin electric rates tariff

Get Started with Your Solar PV Installation

Getting started is easy. You must work with one of our participating contractors to qualify for Austin Energy incentives. They can help you select the best system for your business and submit the incentive application on your behalf.

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