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Rebates, Resources, and Fun for EV Drivers and Riders

EV T-Rex Says Time for EVolution
Explore the EV Buyer's Guide. Say goodbye to gas vehicles, forEVer.
Find EVs in Austin

The electric vehicle EVolution is here! Electric vehicles are fun to ride and drive and can save you money while helping the environment. Now is the time to say goodbye to gas and save with Austin Energy.

EVs Are Easy To...

  • Drive — Get the high performance you want in a car, when you choose to lease, buy, or get a used EV.
  • Conserve — Drive a zero-emission EV to help the environment and keep the air cleaner for EVeryone.

EVs are EVerywhere

  • Businesses — More commuters and fleet managers are choosing plug-in electric vehicles. See how to qualify for charging stations rebates at your business.
  • Multifamily Properties — Residents want to choose properties that support EV charging now more than ever before. Find out how Austin Energy can help you provide this green amenity.
  • Auto Dealers — Dealers can benefit from Austin Energy resources and support to drive EV sales in the Austin market.
  • Schools — You can learn how local schools partner with Austin Energy to teach the convenience, affordability, and sustainability of EVs.
  • Electric Drive — This showcase for electric transportation will help you recharge and relax.
  • Pedicabs — The City of Austin pilot program can help you take a ride on an electric-assist pedicab to reach local events and activities.
  • StEVie Sightings — You never know when you might run into StEVie, the EV-Loving T-Rex, around town (and usually close to an EV).

How Did We Get Here?

Learn how Austin Energy prepared for plug-in electric vehicles on Central Texas roads.

Stay Plugged In

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Date last reviewed or modified: 11/1/19

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