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Energy-efficient homes are more attractive to potential home buyers. ECAD energy audit results identify needed improvements. Austin Energy’s incentives can cover up to $1,600 of the total cost of all recommended measures.
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If you have a residential property with four or fewer dwellings, the Energy Conservation Audit and Disclosure (ECAD) ordinance (pdf) requires that you have an energy audit done before selling your home if all of the following apply:

  • Your home is in the Austin Energy Service Area
  • Your home is located within the Austin city limits
  • Your home is 10 years or older

You will receive an Audit Certificate that you can attach to the Seller’s Disclosure Notice.  You must provide the energy audit results to prospective buyers:

  • Three days before the end of the option period or time of contract
  • If no option period exists, at the time of the contract signing

It is best to conduct the energy audit early in the selling process. This provides you plenty of time to schedule and complete the audit. You will also have time to decide if you want to make improvements prior to sale.

View our Guide for Homebuyers, Homesellers, and Homeowners to learn which Austin Energy incentives can help homeowners meet ECAD requirements:

Energy Professionals Conduct Energy Audits

You must use a qualified ECAD Energy Professional to conduct the energy audit. We recommend that you get at least three estimates and check references.

Energy Professionals set their own rates. The average cost for a 1,800 sq ft home or less is approximately $200-300. Each audit takes about two to three hours.

Get started with your ECAD audit with an Energy Professional 

You May Be Exempt from ECAD

Not all homes require an ECAD audit.

Learn more about ECAD exemptions to see if you qualify

You May Qualify for a Variance if the Buyer Plans to Make Major Changes

You may qualify for a variance if your home’s buyer meets certain conditions.

Learn more about variances and how to apply

Austin Energy Can Help Offset Your Cost for Improvements

ECAD does not require that you make energy efficiency improvements to your home before you sell it. However, you can use the ECAD audit to help you make decisions about energy efficiency improvements that could increase the value of your property and make it more attractive to buyers. Austin Energy offers incentives for energy efficiency upgrades.

ECAD is the Law

ECAD is a law similar to other other energy ordinances in the nation and the world. Non-compliance with ECAD is a Class C misdemeanor with fines from $500 to $2,000. Anyone may file violations (pdf) with the City of Austin Municipal Courts for review and action.

Download the City of Austin Municipal Court Violation Complaint form (pdf)

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