Austin SHINES: Innovations in Energy Storage

Integrating Solar Power, Energy Storage, and Modern Technologies

The Austin Sustainable and Holistic Integration of Energy Storage and Solar Photovoltaics (SHINES) project improves the way that we generate, deliver, and consume electricity. The goal of the project is to optimize the value stream for solar and storage with a business model developed for grid, commercial, and residential applications.

Collectively, the following integrated resources make up the Austin SHINES project:

The integration of these technologies helps to further deliver clean, affordable, reliable energy to our customers.

SHINES At-A-Glance

Watch and Learn: Using Storage to Improve Grid Resiliency


Austin SHINES: Sustainable and Holistic Integration of Energy Storage and Solar PV

The project, known as Austin SHINES (Sustainable and Holistic Integration of Energy Storage and Solar Photovoltaics) integrates solar power, energy storage, smart inverters, forecasting tools, market signals, advanced communications and a software optimization platform.

At the utility scale, two energy storage systems are tied directly to the Austin Energy distribution system.

Austin SHINES moves Austin Energy closer to meeting the City of Austin's climate protection vision of achieving 100% carbon-free energy generation by 2035.

SunShot: Enabling solar energy storage solutions to build a more reliable grid.

Funding for Austin SHINES

Funding for this three-year project has been provided by the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Energy Technology Office, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, and Austin Energy.

Funding amounts are as follows:

Project Partners

Pecan Street, Inc. — Pecan Street Inc. is a research and development organization headquartered at The University of Texas at Austin. They are focused on developing and testing advanced technology, business model and customer behavior surrounding advanced energy management systems. Pecan Street, Inc. is supporting the residential components of the Austin SHINES project.

Doosan – Doosan is an energy storage system integrator and control system developer based in Seattle, WA. They are responsible for supporting the grid-scale energy storage systems. They are also developing a software optimizer platform for Distributed Energy Resources (DERs).

Stem Inc. — Stem is the third-party aggregator for the Commercial portion of the Austin SHINES project. They will provide support to Austin Energy's Distributed Energy Resource Optimizer (DERO) by controlling multiple energy storage systems (ESS) in response to a single dispatch signal. By demonstrating the value of ESS at the commercial scale, data and insights obtained from this portion of the Austin SHINES project will support the scaling and integration of future commercial energy storage projects into Austin Energy's system.

Clean Power Research — Clean Power Research will utilize satellite imagery and numerical weather modeling algorithms to forecast the power and energy generated by the Austin SHINES solar photovoltaic (PV) fleet. They will provide predicted near-term and long-term solar PV output as an input to the DERO of the Austin SHINES demonstration project. The Solar PV output forecasts will aid DERO in the holistic optimization of dispatching Distributed Energy Resources.

ConnectDER — ConnectDER will be working in conjunction with Pecan Street by providing a connection point between Austin Energy’s residential meter and the distributed energy resources. The Smart ConnectDER will add metering and management functions to be utilized by Austin Energy.

Younicos — Younicos is a hardware solutions provider for battery storage. They will provide the grid-scale Energy Storage Units for the Mueller Storage System.

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