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EV Charging at Multifamily Properties

B-Austin Communities


EV Charging Attracts Tenants

B Austin Apartments

“EV owners will specifically seek out multifamily aka apartment complexes with charging options. With the incentives provided by the city, it was an easy choice to install EV chargers.”

“Future proofing developments benefits both tenants and developers. EV charging represents a superior product in terms of personal transportation, and as more consumers begin to experience [EVs], this transition will occur more rapidly towards EV use.”

“In the short term, EV charging offers incentive that attracts tenants who are typically more responsible of their environments financially and ecologically.”


Fifth & West Residences


Planning for the Future

5th & west capture

“The comforts of home are evolving with new technology, from the living room to the garage. Whether they drive electric vehicles today or sometime in the future, we are ready to help each owner charge with ease.” — John L. Needham, Principal, Riverside Resources

Read how this Austin downtown high-rise planned ahead to meet a growing EV demand (pdf)


Walter Moreau, Executive Director, Foundation Communities


EV Charging Was an Easy Decision

Walter Moreau, Executive Director, Foundation Communities

“Affordable housing is not just about a low rent, but also low utility bills and transportation options. Foundation Communities will own our new Cardinal Point apartments forever, so we want to invest upfront in everything we can that furthers these goals. Adding an electric vehicle charging station with matching incentive funds from Austin Energy was a really easy decision.”

“I don't expect that we will have many residents with an electric car right now, but that will change over time. We added one of the very first EV charging stations in Austin at our M Station apartments in 2010. I rarely saw a car using the station in the early years, but now it gets used every day.”



Stay Plugged In

Date last reviewed or modified: 09/18/2019