How Will You Say Goodbye?

The Electric Vehicle EVolution is Here

How will you say goodbye to gas? How will you say goodbye to high maintenance? With an electric vehicle, you can say goodbye to gas forEVer. Drive electric. Save with Austin Energy.

Watch StEVie the EV-loving T-Rex℠ and friends say goodbye to gas and more.

You Can Drive Electric, Too

Did you know you can lease or buy an electric car? Do you know how electric fuel works? Learn more about the benefits of driving electric and see how an EV is right for you.

Charge at Home or Around Town

Make sure to use the right charger for your needs. Many Austin Energy customers like to charge at home and at over 1,000 level 2 charging ports around the Austin area. You can join the Plug-In EVerywhere network and charge at these level 2 chargers for only $4.17 per month!

New fast chargers are now available and conveniently located near major transit routes, so you can charge up and get on your way for just $0.21 per minute. If you want to use a public charging port and plan to be away from your vehicle for more than 30 minutes, use a level 2 charger instead of a fast charger.

View a charging station map of the Austin area

Stay Plugged In

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