Portfolio Manager Reporting Option

Commercial Building Owners Must Report by June 1st of Each Year

In March of each year, commercial building owners receive a letter from Austin Energy explaining how to comply with the City of Austin’s Energy Conservation Audit and Disclosure (ECAD) ordinance.

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Benchmark and Report Your Building's Energy Use and Compare It Nationally

ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager is a free, industry-standard online energy benchmarking tool created by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). This reporting option allows you to track total electricity, natural gas or other utilities used in your buildings and compare them to similar buildings nationwide.

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You need at least 12 months of energy data and some basic information about your building to get started. Important: Even if your building does not have 12 months of consecutive energy data, reporting is still required.

Getting Started with Portfolio Manager
I Need Help With... What Do I Need to Do?
I have 12 months of City of Austin utility service data.

You’re ready to go!

I don’t have 12 months of City of Austin utility service data.

There are multiple options for obtaining your utility service data:

I would like an energy professional to enter my utility service data for me and report it to the City for a fee.

You will need to follow these steps:

  1. Choose from a list of registered energy professionals (pdf).
  2. You will need to download a Release of Account Information Form (pdf) to allow the energy professional to have access to your data.
  3. Email any questions and completed form(s) to ECAD at Austin Energy.
I have three or fewer tenants and need to obtain their data in order to comply.

For three or fewer tenants, we require a signed release form from each tenant before we can provide you their data. You will need to:

I have four or more tenants and need to obtain their data in order to comply.

If you have a building (or retail center) with four or more different tenants and one of them doesn’t have a level of energy consumption exceeding 80% of the total consumption, you can download an Aggregation Request Form (pdf) for your tenants to complete.

Email any questions and completed form(s) to ECAD at Austin Energy

How can I get data for chilled water and steam energy?    To get chilled water and steam water data, you can email your request to District Energy.
How can I get data for my natural gas usage?

If you are a Texas Gas Service customer, visit Texas Gas Service online or call 1-800-700-2443 for more information.

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I am using Portfolio Manager and have questions/issues.

Review the ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager FAQs

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Austin on EPA’s Top Cities List of ENERGY STAR Certified Buildings

Commercial buildings that earn EPA’s ENERGY STAR certification must perform in the top 25% of similar buildings nationwide. These buildings use an average of 35% less energy and are responsible for 35% fewer carbon dioxide emissions than typical buildings. They also cost less to operate and use nearly two times less energy per square foot than average office buildings.
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Alternate Reporting Option

The Key Code Reporting option is now available. Through this option, Austin Energy calculates the energy use data for buildings, and asks owners to confirm this information using a key code.
Learn more about using the Key Code Reporting option to comply with the ECAD ordinance 

Contact Us

If you have not received information regarding the ECAD ordinance reporting process for commercial building owners, please call 512-482-5346 or email us for assistance.

Date last reviewed or modified: 02/28/2024