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We work hard to prevent serious problems and we monitor our systems in order to identify issues quickly. But we also appreciate it when our customers tell us about problems like power outages, downed power lines, electricity theft, or suspected telephone scams.

Power Outages

Tree limbs, storms, vehicles hitting electric poles, and even small animals can cause power outages or downed power lines.

Waiting to Start Electric Service at a New Address? 

Whether you are new to Austin Energy or transferring service to a different address, you can sign up to Get Outage Alerts after the start-of-service date.

Theft and Scams

Electricity theft and telephone scams are illegal and sometimes dangerous activities that should be reported immediately.

  • If you suspect electricity theft — call 512-972-7475 to report it anonymously. 
  • If you receive a suspicious phone call from someone who asks you to make a utility bill payment over the phone— hang up and dial 3-1-1 or 512-974-2000 to report the call and check on your account status.


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Date last reviewed or modified: 2/9/22


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