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Rooftop or Shared Solar Incentives Available

Incentives Available for Rooftop Solar Installations

Capacity-based solar incentives are available to eligible customers who install five or more solar photovoltaic (PV) systems on units within a multifamily property or single family development at one time.

Rooftop solar installations on multifamily properties means that:

  • Each installation is directly metered to an individual dwelling unit.  
  • A single meter ensures that the eligible owner/tenant receives the monthly Value of Solar credit on their utility bills. 
An installed Solar PV system is an ideal investment for property owners and developers who want to save on monthly electric bills and attract buyers and tenants for their properties. 

The incentive:

  • Helps save on upfront installation costs.
  • Exempts the rebate process for individual units that would otherwise need to complete the Residential Solar Education course.
  • Applies to both existing properties and new development projects.

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Shared Solar Pilot Program: One Solar PV Meter Services Multiple Units

Austin Energy is developing an innovative metering and billing shared solar solution for hard-to-reach solar markets that include multifamily affordable housing, low-income residents, renters, and non-profits. The Shared Solar Pilot Program is exploring our ability to enable more cost-effective solar installations on multi-tenant properties for our low-to-moderate-income customers. Once sufficiently proven, Austin Energy plans to open the Shared Solar program for general participation. 

Learn more about the Austin Energy Shared Solar Pilot Program 

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Date last reviewed or modified: 5/22/19


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