EV360℠ Plug-In Electric Vehicle Charging Subscription

Charge At Home and On-The-Go

EV Time of Use Rate Program

Thank you for making the EV360 off-peak charging subscription pilot program a success! Participating Austin Energy customers who drive a plug-in Electric Vehicle (EV) are now getting off-peak charging at home, or anytime on-the-go — all for a fixed rate as low as $30/month.*

Enrollment for this pilot program is now complete. Austin Energy will make additional opportunities for participation available at the conclusion of the program evaluation period.

What Is EV360?

With Austin Energy’s EV360 program, EV drivers can take advantage of a fixed, off-peak rate that includes unlimited charging at Plug-In Everywhere℠ stations and unlimited off-peak charging at home.

  • Off-peak hours are from 7:00 pm - 2:00 pm on weekdays, and anytime on weekends.
  • Participating customer rates may be as low as $30/month.*
  • Energy usage is measured by a sub-meter installed at your home.
  • Participating in EV360 gives EV drivers access to a flat rate every month. 
  • Customers who pay for electric usage in higher rate tiers can now separate their EV charging from their home energy consumption. 
  • By charging during off peak hours, EV drivers are plugging into clean, 100% renewable energy.

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How to Qualify

Participating customers will need to install an EV residential sub-meter circuit attached to an in-home level two plug-in electric vehicle charging station. This charging station is connected to an EV meter that registers electrical power usage at the customer’s primary residence. Austin Energy will provide and install an EV charging meter at your home.

Prerequisites include:

  • You must be an Austin Energy residential electric customer.
  • You must own or lease a plug-in electric vehicle and own a detached home.
  • You will be required to install a residential sub-meter circuit in your home.

Out-of-Pocket Costs

In addition to EV360’s monthly off-peak rate, customers will need to cover these up-front expenses: 

  • The cost for a licensed electrician to install a sub-meter circuit and socket in accordance with Austin Energy specifications.
  • The City of Austin permit for a residential sub-meter circuit.

Customers must commit to 12 consecutive billing cycles or a termination fee of $200 will be applied.


Complete and submit the form below to be added to our waiting list. When enrollment starts again, Austin Energy will verify your eligibility and email you a confirmation.

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*A flat rate of $30 per month applies for EV drivers requiring a demand of < 10kw. For a demand of greater than 10kw, the fee is $50 per month.

Date last reviewed or modified: 11/1/19


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