On-Site Energy Systems

Reliable, Cost Effective, and Friendly to the Environment

Austin Energy offers district cooling, thermal energy storage, and distributed generation services to companies that seek alternatives to traditional air conditioning and power generation.

Austin continues to see growth of high tech industries, commercial office buildings, residential towers, universities, medical facilities, and other modern business and industrial complexes. Facilities such as these require sources of energy that are secure and highly reliable.

On-site energy systems, such as district cooling and combined cooling, heat, and power plants, are reliable, cost-beneficial alternatives to traditional sources of energy.

District Energy Services

Austin Energy installs and maintains the piping, heat exchangers, and ancillary equipment that deliver chilled water from a district cooling plant to your building.

Our On-Site Energy Resources team can assess your building to determine if it is an appropriate candidate for district cooling.

  • District Cooling — District cooling provides customers their HVAC requirements through a network of underground pipes. It serves multiple buildings within a particular service area.

    A district cooling plant distributes chilled water (approximately 44 to 45 degrees) to the customer's building through a set of heat exchangers located in the customer's mechanical room. A single plant can meet the cooling needs of several buildings.
  • Distributed Generation and Cooling, Heating, and Power (CHP) — With distributed generation CHP, the latest technologies such as package chiller units, heat recovery units, and combustion turbines are used at or on a site close to your business.

    These units generate electricity at your site while using the Austin Energy power grid as back up.

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