Load Profiler

Monitor and Take Charge of Your Company’s Energy Use

Load Profiler is Austin Energy's affordable and easy-to-use online metering technology. You can use Load Profiler to monitor your company’s energy use and to help identify opportunities to save energy and money.

How Load Profiler Works

Load Profiler logs your energy use data every 15 minutes, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It then presents your most current day of data in easy-to-view graphs, charts, tables, and reports.

With Load Profiler, you can:

  • Identify peak loads and analyze opportunities to reduce and shift them
  • Recognize unusual or unnecessary loads
  • Easily identify energy inefficiencies
Did You Know?
When you use Load Profiler, you can also download your Green Button Data which can help you better understand your energy usage and take action towards savings.Visit Green Button Data for more information.

For deeper analysis, you can also download your energy consumption data to ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager. 

A Solution to Fit Any Company

Austin Energy offers two product packages. Twelve-month contracts are required for each of these packages.

Features Basic $15/mo.*
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Standard $35/mo.*
See details
Secure access
Access daily energy usage data
Summarize stats and generate reports for total energy use, peak demand, power factor, load factor, weekday vs. weekend
Flexible payment options: low monthly fee, equipment and installation cost can be paid monthly or up-front
Create personalized online dashboard for your most important reports  
View group accounts  
Compare energy use between multiple sites  
View historical comparison graphs  
Estimate energy costs in advance of billing  
Set maximum demand alerts  
View energy use in relation to temperature and humidity  
Establish accurate energy use benchmarks (kWh per day, kWh per sq ft, cost per day)  
*does not include installation and equipment

Additional Equipment and Installation Requirements

In addition to the monthly package rate, you will also be charged for equipment and installation.

After you select the Load Profiler package that best meets your needs, Austin Energy will provide you with an interval meter and communication device to monitor your electric load.

Once the interval meter is installed, you can access your company's secured information on the Web and start taking charge over your company’s energy load.

Learn More

Download a product brochure for a more detailed listing of features and options for each package.

View a product demo to see firsthand how Load Profiler works.

  Basic Standard
User ID profilerbasic profiler
Password demobasic demo

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