Request Past Account Records

If you are (or were) a City of Austin utility customer, you can request your past account information, including usage, billing history, and other records.

You can get the most recent 12 months of records by calling Customer Care at 512-494-9400.

If you need information older than 12 months, you must follow the request process below.

Please note that the Texas Attorney General’s office has ruled that this information is not subject to Public Information Act requirements. We cannot send you information for accounts that are not your own.

If We Need to Research Your Account

If you need information older than 12 months, we will need to research your account. We will charge a research fee of $25 per hour. This fee will be billed to your current utility account.

If you don’t have a current utility account, we will mail you an invoice. Once we receive your payment, the records will be released.

How to Request Your Past Account Records

In your request, include:

  • Your current contact information
  • Your current utility account number (or if you are no longer a customer, your previous account number)
  • If you would like the research cost prior to when we process your request
  • The time period for the requested records

Please mail your request to:

City of Austin - Customer Records
721 Barton Springs Road
Austin, TX 78704-1194

Email: Customer Care

Date last reviewed or modified: 8/28/18

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