Environmental Services

Ensuring Safety, Compliance, and Quality

Environmental Services Worker at Construction SiteAustin Energy’s Environmental Services team ensures compliance with environmental regulations and helps reduce the impact of our utility’s operations on air, water, and land quality.

Environmental Laboratory Services
Environmental Laboratory Services is our full service lab that provides analysis to demonstrate that we are in compliance with state and federal environmental regulations.

Our laboratory services are certified by the International Standards Organization (ISO) and National Environmental Accreditation Conference (NELAC).

Environmental Field Services
Environmental Field Services ensures that Austin Energy’s daily operations have minimal impact on the natural environment. Our environmental services professionals are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to respond to oil or chemical spills anywhere within our service area.

Strategic Planning and Policy
We track and respond to local, state, and federal regulatory activities to assess the potential impacts to Austin Energy’s operations and to ensure our utility remains in compliance with existing and new environmental regulations.

Environmental Project Management
We manage a wide range of projects, including power plant decommissioning, cleanup of contaminated sites, air emission reduction projects, performance optimization, and natural resources management.

Environmental Compliance Programs
Regulations govern many aspects of Austin Energy’s operations including air emissions, water use, waste- and storm water discharges, hazardous waste management and disposal, reclamation and recycling of equipment, lead and asbestos abatement, and endangered species and natural resource protection.

Environmental regulatory experts ensure that the numerous permits required for power plant operations are up-to-date and that all required regulatory reporting is submitted to demonstrate compliance.

We also perform a wide range of field studies in order to maintain select permits, improve our understanding of potential environmental impacts, and gather background data in anticipation of upcoming issues.

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