Electric System

Austin Energy Data Library

Electric System Equipment
Browse the number of substations, miles of transmission lines, and more by year.

Power Pole Accidents
About 300 streetlights and power poles in our service area are hit by vehicles and require repair. Download the number of poles, costs for repair, and more by year.

System Reliability
System reliability is measured by the frequency and duration of power outages. Voltage sags or line faults are also part of system reliability. Scan these reliability measures by year. This spreadsheet includes a chart showing outages per customer by year.

Tree Trimming (Line Clearance/Vegetation Management)
Vegetation management, or tree pruning, is important for public safety and the reliability of the electric system. Scan the number of properties and power line miles with trees that were trimmed. Data is by year.

Date last reviewed or modified: 03/30/2020