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Austin Energy Data Library

Austin Energy Regional Science Festival
The Austin Energy Regional Science Festival is one of the largest regional science festivals held in the nation. Browse information about festival sponsors, revenue, and expenditures.

Budget Billing
Budget Billing is available to customers who prefer to avoid significant fluctuations in their monthly utility bills. Download the number of customer accounts and average budget billing amount by month.

Community Sponsorships
Each year Austin Energy participates in and sponsors events that support our local community. This spreadsheet includes the name of the event and organization, the amount we contributed, and more.

Contact Center
The City of Austin Utility Contact Center and Online Customer Care are managed by Austin Energy. Customers call or go online to start, stop, or transfer utility services. Scan the number, type, and duration of customer contacts.

Customer Satisfaction
Austin Energy is proactive in addressing customer needs and regularly monitors customer satisfaction through customer surveys. View annual satisfaction ratings by customer type.

Discount Program
Qualifying utility customers receive waivers and discounts on their utility bills. Browse a summary of annual electric account savings provided by Austin Energy to these customers.

Free Weatherization Program
Austin Energy offers free home energy improvements to qualifying customers. Each of the homes reduces its energy use by an average of about 1,200 kilowatt-hours annually due to these improvements. Download the number of homes receiving improvements by year.

Medically Vulnerable Program
The City of Austin maintains a registry of customers with a long-term disease, ailment, or critical illness. Customers on the registry receive additional time to pay their utility bills. Scan the number of households with customers on the registry.

Payment Arrangements
Payment arrangements are available to eligible customers who fall behind on their utility bills. View the average number of monthly payment plans and the amount of deferred payments by year.

Payment Methods
There are a variety of methods to pay your utility bill. Browse the use of different payment methods by percent.

Plus One Fund
This fund provides emergency financial assistance to customers having trouble paying their utility bill because of temporary hardships such as medical illness or recent job loss. View this dataset to see the numbers of households served and dollars dispersed each month.

Date last reviewed or modified: 03/30/2020