Austin Energy continues to power the community 125 years later

May 6, 2020

This week, Austin’s publicly owned utility, Austin Energy, celebrates its 125th Anniversary. Austin Energy started its service to the community in 1895 by lighting the now iconic moonlight towers for the first time.

The country – and Austin – looked a little different when the utility first got started. In 1895 the first U.S. patent for an automobile was issued. It was the year the first ever professional football game was played and the year baseball player Babe Ruth was born. Austin had only 20,000 residents.

Our community has changed throughout the years, and Austin Energy has grown with it. It's about much more than just keeping the lights on. Austin Energy provides effective energy conservation programs, leadership in renewable power, nationally recognized customer assistance and, of course, reliable electric service. This commitment to provide value for the community is the foundation Austin was built on – and continues to stand on to this day.

This is the same foundation that has allowed Austin Energy to adapt its operations to ensure the utility's essential service is delivered while providing additional assistance to those who need it in the community. The world has changed a lot since 1895. The world – and Austin – have changed a lot just in the last few months with the spread of COVID-19. No matter what is going on around the community, Austin Energy continues to keep the community going.

"The essential services that Austin Energy provides are even more important today as we are not only powering our community, but we are helping to repower Austin's economy," said Jackie Sargent, Austin Energy General Manager. "I am so proud of Austin Energy and the contributions we have made to this community for the last 125 years and for the work we will continue to do for years to come."

Click here for a timeline of Austin Energy's history and watch a short documentary trailer about the utility.