District Energy & Cooling

Reliable, Cost Effective, and Friendly to the Environment

Austin Energy offers district cooling, thermal energy storage, and distributed generation services to companies that seek alternatives to traditional air conditioning and power generation. Using chilled water is the "cool" thing to do. A chilled water system provides the highest quality indoor environment with the greatest reliability for the least overall cost. 

Austin continues to see growth of high tech industries, commercial office buildings, residential towers, educational facilities, medical facilities, and other modern business and industrial complexes. Such facilities require secure, highly reliable sources of energy and cooling.

Systems, such as district cooling and combined cooling, heat, and power plants serve as reliable, cost-beneficial alternatives to traditional sources of energy and cooling. We have performed detailed Life-Cycle Cost Analyses to demonstrate how joining our systems can save your project money.

District Energy Services

Austin Energy installs and maintains the piping, heat exchangers and ancillary equipment to deliver chilled water from a district cooling plant to your building. Our team can assess your building to determine if district cooling makes sense for you.

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Date last reviewed or modified: 4/17/20