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Charging EVs at Local Businesses


Jay Hammers


Plug-In EverywhereTM Subscriber

Jay Hammers & Lindsey McDougal

Austin Independent School District teacher, Jay Hammers works at Akins High School which is one of Austin Energy EVs for Schools program campuses.

Jay also charges his family’s EV at public charging stations in the Austin area using the Plug-In EVerywhere network subscription.

“Having a charging station at work allows a decrease in range anxiety. If the stations at my local HEB or Central Market are being used I don't have to freak out and rush home just to meet my charging needs.”

“Workplace charging at the school also provides a great test model for my students. They know what charging stations look like and plugging-in an EV will seem more common place. I have had students tell me they want their first car to be an EV or plugin hybrid. They will be prepared for a work force that has charging stations located at the work place. The concept will not be alien even if some EVs look like space ships.”


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Date last reviewed or modified: 09/18/2019