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Jerell Lambert — Electric Motorcycle Rider


Laughs Past the Gas Stations

Jerell Lambert — Electric Motorcycle Rider

“Sometimes I may hear a sport motorcyclist cracking the throttle on a Ducati and feel nostalgic for the symphony of gas-fueled power and the pulse of an internal combustion motorcycle engine at idle. But just as easily, I'll be laughing in my helmet as I ride pass the gas stations I'll never have to buy into again.”

“It was great getting an electric vehicle rebate from Austin Energy, especially as the first electric motorcyclist to apply to the program! When I purchased my electric motorcycle in Austin, I was told an early adopter of electric motorcycles was by default an ambassador.”


Laura Puzic — Electric Bike Rider


Errands Are No Sweat

Laura Puzic — Electric Bike Rider

"I first got an ebike so I could take my now 16 month old to splash pads, parks, pools and our friends places! It's kind of miserable getting into a car to run errands when you're a child, and she (Rose), loooovvveeesss to ride the ebike. She even asks for us to put on her helmet and she makes the electric sound when she sees any bike now.

It's been so much fun biking around our neighborhood. We've even been getting to know more neighbors and everyone is always so curious (and jealous) of our bikes! We can bike to restaurants and parks together without sweating it."


Maria Medina — Electric Bike Rider


Can Tote Kids and Groceries

Maria Medina — Electric Bike Rider

Austin resident Maria Medina test drove an electric bike with a cargo bucket attachment at the Austin Energy Community Connections Resource Fair. Maria enjoyed the ride and her kids loved it! She had a light bulb moment:

“I can take my kids to school and then get to the store.”


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Date last reviewed or modified: 09/18/2019