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Multiple Charging Options Available

Austin Energy is working hard to make EV charging easy and convenient throughout our service area. We understand that busy lifestyles and different budgets require more options for our customers, which is why we work to continually grow and expand our charging network.

Subscribe and Save: Plug-In EVerywhere Unlimited Level 2 Charging for $4.17 per Month

The Austin Energy Plug-In EVerywhere℠ network subscription plan offers unlimited charging for $4.17 per month at our 1,000+ level 2 charging ports throughout our service area.

When to Use: Plug-In EVerywhere level 2 charging is best for when you have time to charge more slowly over several hours.

  • At work
  • At home or while you sleep
  • When shopping

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Multifamily, fleet, and workplace charging stations may have restricted access.


Charge Quickly On The Go: Fast Chargers for $0.21 per Minute

Working from a grant funded by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, Austin Energy continues to grow the number of fast charging stations throughout the Austin area. Austin Energy fast chargers are now available and conveniently located near major transit routes. Charge up and get on your way for only $0.21 per minute, plug-in to plug-out.

When to Use: Fast Charging is best when you need to charge more quickly in about 30 minutes:

  • For EVs that have fast charging capability
  • When driving heavily trafficked corridors

Tips for Fast Charging 

  • Not every EV can plug into a fast charger. If you think you’ll need a fast charge from time to time, make sure to ask about this option when buying your EV. 
  • According to ChargePoint, with a fast charger, unplug when your battery reaches about 80% charge to help maintain your battery.

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Date last reviewed or modified: 07/08/2022